Meet the designer and CEO

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As a child of military parents, I grew up in an eclectic and well-traveled environment. Most of my childhood was spent in Germany and later at Cape Kennedy in Florida. My father was a weather observer for NASA, and I had the privilege of attending the launches of the Gemini space series.


When my father retired, I too joined the Air Force and was trained in avionics and nuclear weapons systems. I honed my electronics and engineering skills maintaining and repairing various missile delivery systems including the Minuteman III ICBM's. Throughout my 11-year career I also had a serious interest in audio and especially in modification and improvement of existing products.


I fondly recall my first exposure to a high-end audio system. I was stationed at Hahn Air Force base in Germany in 1973 and heard a pair of AMT Heil speakers, Dual turntable, Empire cartridge and Crown amplifiers. The Bose 911 was the go-to speaker then! 


Since then, I have sought to improve my existing systems finally reaching a point of satisfaction with what you see today. After much experimentation and quite a bit of expense a combination of Back Loaded Horn and Compression Horns provide the dynamics and detail along with accurate tonality that I have strived for.

Over the past several years Shinjitsu Audio (Japanese for "truth") has strived to improve our products while keeping prices reasonable. I hope you enjoy our unique sound and feel free to communicate your questions with us via text, email, chat, or phone.


Looking forward to hearing from you!

Morris Emerick CEO/Cheif Designer Shinjitsu Audio