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The background

Our goal was to develop a luxury crafted compact speaker that delivers natural dynamics, accurate tone and pinpoint sound staging in an average sized living room. Our design employs two proven yet uniquely implemented concepts: 

  • Back Loaded Horn - Operates from 32 Hz to 2 kHz. The main drivers 4 inch cone back wave is channeled through a 5 .5foot folded horn and exits in synch, with the rest of sound spectrum, and joins the speakers front wave. A compression chamber just behind the main driver naturally rolls off the frequencies above 200 Hz and boosts the lowest frequencies about 6 dB.


A four inch speaker driver produces the bass of an eight inch. Smaller cabinet - happy spouse.

  • A Constant Directivity Compression Horn - Operates from 2 kHz to 20 kHz. This type of horn provides pinpoint imaging by increasing the directivity of the sound towards the listener. There is more sound at the listening area, and less sound outside of that area.


Less wall bounce. Better imaging.

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