Hon BosuHiro Frequency Response

Frequency Response graph
20Hz to 20 Khz

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The Boss has arrived. Full and authoritative frequency response 20 Hz to 20 Khz utilizing our Hiro speaker PLUS our Foundation driver. The combination of these two outstanding modules is designed utilizing a powerful state of the art powered DSP module and a SWAN magnesium coned 8 inch driver. The Bass module hands off to the Hiro speaker at 50 Hz / 24 dB per octave filling in the lowest bass notes. There is no discernable gap between the two. On a personal note, I find myself utilizing the bass module on mostly rock and metal music and turn off the module for acoustic and jazz.


Cabinet: constructed of 25 square feet and 11 layers of Russian Baltic Birch laminate in a backloaded horn labyrinth configuration. Finished with solid hardwood front panel, hand rubbed with Danish Oil to a satin sheen.

Internal Components: Solid OFC copper wiring, Mundorf EVO Oil capacitors, Copper Foil Inductors - all point to point wiring.

Height: 42 inches - Width: 9 inches - Depth: 13.5 inches - Weight: 90 pounds - Response: 20 Hz - 20 Khz +
Sensitivity: 87 dB - Sub Woofer: Swan 8 inch - 
Woofer: Swan 4 inch - Horn: Faital Pro LTH102 - Compression Driver: Faital Pro HF10AK - Foundation Bass Module: 250 watt DSP controlled Digital Amplifier with Low or High level inputs.

Cost: 3995 per pair USD