Spacious audiophile sound from a compact 

New Review: JG - Singapore

Hello Morris,


The first impression is 4” drivers with the small enclosure can produce a good low frequency (bass).

I just have 2 days listened with this Hon Hiro speaker,  the first day drive with solid state amp and the bass a bit too much (depend of the music) and the second days drive with tube amp is better. So sweet this speaker.

Because very short period to enjoy this speaker, but I can say is very good speaker compared to the price.


This pair of speaker already send to Singapore and let my friend enjoyed it and feed back the comment is very good result.

He drive this speaker with Firstwatt F7 low wattage amp and the performance is very good and previously we are difficult to find the small speaker high efficiency driver and can produce a good low frequency.


Have a good design and I hope that your business will grow rapidly.


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