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Braces - we don't need no stinking braces!

Shinjitsu Audio does not currently use internal bracing to reduce cabinet vibrations.


When a speaker is playing, it generates sound waves that propagate through the air. However, these sound waves also cause the speaker's panels and enclosure to vibrate. These vibrations can distort the sound produced by the speaker, leading to undesirable effects like resonance, coloration, and distortion.

Internal bracing is a common method used to reduce these vibrations. It involves adding structural elements inside the speaker enclosure that increase its rigidity, making it less prone to unwanted vibrations. However, internal bracing only works up to a certain point, as the added bracing can also introduce new resonances and vibrations.

The difference between damping materials and internal bracing lies in the way they deal with unwanted vibrations. Internal bracing reduces the vibrations' amplitude but doesn't eliminate them entirely. Damping materials, on the other hand, actively absorb and dissipate the energy of the vibrations, which leads to a more significant reduction in distortion and coloration.

Overall, while internal bracing can be effective in reducing vibrations to a certain extent, damping materials provide a more comprehensive solution for dealing with unwanted resonances, coloration, and distortion in speaker panels.

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