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    Go full Hiro mode: with FAITAL PRO's largest and most dynamic cast aluminum horn the  FAITAL PRO LTH102 matched to their superb HF10 AK compression driver. Bend the laws of physics with our Japan designed Back Loaded Horn Cabinet. Effective from 42 Hz to beyond 20 Khz with a wide soundstage, pinpoint imaging and sweet treble response. The high frequency Ketone Polymer diaphragm reduces upper treble harshness and decreases distortion. One of Italy's best horn drivers.

    Cabinet: constructed of 25 square feet and 11 layers of Russian Baltic Birch laminate in a backloaded horn labyrinth configuration. Finished with solid hardwood front panel, hand rubbed with Danish Oil to a satin sheen.

    Internal Components: Solid OFC copper wiring, Mundorf EVO Oil capacitors, Copper Foil Inductors - all point to point wiring.


    Height: 26 inches - Width: 9 inches - Depth: 13.5 inches - Weight: 47 pounds - Response: 42 Hz - 20 Khz - Sensitivity: 87 dB - Woofer: Swan 4 inch - Horn: Faital Pro LTH102 - Compression Driver: Faital Pro HF10AK

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