Hiro Speakers - Pair
  • Hiro Speakers - Pair

    The Hiro is here.


    Shinjitsu Audio developed this affordable reference monitor to address those who desire a luxury reference grade speaker capable of natural extended high frequencies with vanishing low distortion and large dynamic swings. All components are affordable state of the art. Shinjitsu Audio has selected what we feel (and have tested) the best drivers, capacitors, and coils available without entering into the world of diminishing returns.


    Placed into our custom designed all wood back loaded horn cabinets these superlative components perform at their very best: unrestrained by subpar cabinet materials and overly complex crossover designs.


    Best of all there are only two drivers reproducing the entire 10 octave frequency range. Multi-driver arrays break up the audio into multiple slices, or windows of audio, and attempt to reconstruct it at your ears. Chopped disjointed audio with different delayed arrival times is the result. The music never sounds fluid. It presents itself as a source of low-level irritation.


    The Hiro Speaker features a new CD11 ND polymer diagram compression driver. This 4 LB net weight compression driver features a detailed midrange with organic treble textures, very low distortion, and an extended smooth treble.


    Its natural timbres have been widely employed by a large part of the professional audio market as their reference standard. We have paired it with the acclaimed Beyma TD164 cast aluminum horn with controlled dispersion and features smooth response and very good loading down to 1000 Hz.


    This outstanding driver and horn combination features a smooth detailed mid-range and natural sounding high frequencies that avoid harshness by controlling room boundary reflections that can spoil imaging. Fully adjustable horn output is via supplied resistor pack. Fine tune the horn's mid and high frequencies to your desired room's response. “Let your ears decide” how much treble you desire.


    This speaker combination is mated to our extended range back loaded horn cabinet that is used as well in our Hiro speaker. All Baltic birch 18 MM/3/4 tapered folded horn with a length of 5.5 feet is coiled into a 13-layer sliced labyrinth cabinet. The horn mouth is at the rear and can benefit from rear wall loading


    The main cabinet’s extended range 4-inch bronze / aluminum foil driver covers 8 octaves from 32 Hz to 2 Khz where it hands off via a custom tuned third order cap and coil crossover to the horn combination.


    Our custom crossover is designed utilizing top rated audiophile components: Mundorf EVO/oil capacitors, copper foil inductor coils, low inductance wire wound resistors, Mil Spec silver plated copper wire with Teflon insulation. All components are point to point wired (no circuit boards) with a ¼ inch thick cast acrylic back and top plate featuring a view of the components. Premium five way gold plated binding posts are at the rear of the cabinet to facilitate connections between your amplifier speakers. Bi-amp connections are available at your request. The horn/main driver interface is via a custom MIL spec wiring harness to a pair of binding posts displayed atop a 1/4-inch-thick plinth of cast clear acrylic.


    There is a dual L pad resistor network that allows fine adjustments of treble to suit your musical tastes and room acoustics. Simply change out the supplied resistors on the top of the cabinet connector/plinth to adjust the treble to your liking.


    Luxury artisan grade styling that blends well into any room with its classic fine wood appearance. Suitable for medium to large sized rooms or apartments.


    The combination of these two outstanding stackable modules is designed to provide reference quality audio that is “True to The Source”.


    Provides exquisite detail and dynamics at low volume levels for late night listening yet can attain up to 110 dB for realistic musical performances. Frequency response 32 Hz to 20 kHz with a smooth and detailed voicing.


    Cabinet: constructed of premium Baltic Birch ply with cast acrylic back speaker binding post panel. Back loaded dual horn driver configuration with an added horn module. Finished with solid ¼ inch thick hardwood black limba front panel and ¾ inch thick black limba horn plinth with stainless steel horn supports, back and top plates of cast clear acrylic. And hand rubbed clear lacquer over Danish Oil with a low gloss sheen. ​


    Internal Components: MIL spec silver over copper PTFE insulated wiring, Mundorf EVO Oil capacitors, Copper Foil Inductors - all point-to-point wiring mounted on a premium cast acrylic back and top panels designed to illustrate the component quality.


    Main Driver: Eight octave extended range 4-inch thin foil bronze/aluminum alloy proprietary driver with polymer anti resonant coating. Developed exclusively for Shinjitsu Audio in Canada. Frequency range of 32 Hz to 2 kHz where it is crossed over to our premium Beyma compression horn combination.


    Horn: Nude Beyma CN11 ND Compression Driver with Beyma TD164 controlled dispersion cast aluminum horn. The constant directivity characteristics of this model ensure the ability to cover 60º width horizontally and 40º width vertically, at virtually any frequency within its operational range down to 1000 Hz. To ensure freedom of resonance, this horn is constructed of cast aluminum, designed to be used with 1 inch compression drivers. Precise directivity control in the pass band. Avoids room boundary interactions that smear sound and provides finely focused audio imagery.


    Technical Details:

    • Height: 28 inches
    • Width: 9.5 inches
    • Depth: 14 inches
    • Weight: 48 pounds
    • Response: 32 Hz - 20 Khz +/- 3dB
    • Sensitivity: 90 dB
    • 8 Ohms
    • Recommended amplifier power from 8 watts to 200.



      Supplied with Black Limba front panels. Special panel species upon request. Alternative crossover components are available if you prefer. Please ask when ordering for availability.


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