Price is Per Speaker


The Bokken


23 Inches tall 9.5 inches wide and 19 inches in depth @ 31 LBS per speaker


These are our entry level speakers utilizing the very same cabinet and back loaded horn design of our flagships.


Bokken were designed to lessen the damage caused by fighting with real swords and were used for the training of samurai warriors in feudal Japan.


  • All Baltic Birch labyrinth construction with Danish Oil dark walnut finish hand rubbed with Carnuba Wax. This full range speaker explores size versus full range status. Speed, tonality and focus pairs with a frequency response from 45Hz to 20Khz.
  •  Horizontal sliced Baltic Birch and folded back loaded horn labyrinth construction. Japanese Folded Horn Design with dual Heavy duty Gold plated Bi-Amp terminals. Mil Spec Silver over Copper Teflon internal wire.
  • Crossover less design.
  •  Efficient enough (87 db) for low powered tube amplifiers and rugged enough to produce room   filling sound using amplifiers of all power ratings.
  •  Perfectly sized for small apartments yet able to fill the largest of rooms with wall to wall sound and pinpoint imaging.
  • Japan designed back loaded horn design is folded from 5.5 FT in length to fit into a compact enclosure only 23 Inches tall.
  • Produces superb imaging and accurate warm tonality. Room filling sound from a compact  enclosure.
  • Comes installed with grey powder coated steel feet that are adjustable front and back to raise tilt to ear height and level side to side.




The most elegant way to enhance bass response is the back loaded horn speaker.

  • Designed to collect the back wave (which in normal speakers is wasted or absorbed) the speaker driver amplifies the bass via a properly designed labyrinth enclosure which exits the horn located on the back of the speaker enclosure. This clever design enhances turns a 4 inch driver into an effective 8 inch driver via back wave enhancement. Bass is reporducedx more efficiently and accurately than bass-reflex and sealed enclosure types.

  • Back loaded horn type enclosures make the most efficient use of such back sound waves. Back-loaded horn system enclosures work in such a manner that, as bass comes out of a horn mounted on the back of a driver, the rest of sound spectrum, e.g. mid- and high-frequency ranges, is radiated directly from the driver.

  • Speakers employing back loaded horns are highly efficient by actively utilizing sound output from the bass driver and respond well to the subtlest components of music signals. Improved transient response, speed and effortless sound quality are some of the hallmarks of this type of driver arrangement.


Shinjitsu Audio Bokken

  • If you desire to return the item after your 30 day is trial is expired, please assure that the item is packaged properly and is in pristine condition. Items that have been altered or in less than pristine condition will be subject to a repair fee to be determined by Shinjitsu Audio. Buyer pays return shipping and insurance.

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