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Shinjitsu Audio Carbon Daisho Speaker


These are our Carbon Fiber enhanced speakers utilizing a proven and well reviewed Japanese design back loaded horn and Heil Air motion Transformer enhanced to smooth and extend the critical high frequencies and midrange musical overtones.

All True Baltic Birch Laminate Labyrinth construction with carbon fiber cladding and AcoustiMac internal damping. This increased the speaker wight to 55 LBS and critically damps the structure provided a more stable audio image and deeper more viscarel bass response. 


The low frequency driver is our custom HIVI Research Aluminum Magnesium cone 100 mm bass drive unit. Featuring an efficient, low-distortion Neo-Balanced motor combined with a rigid yet lightweight aluminum magnesium damped diaphragm, yielding impressive high-impact audio reproduction. Wide operating range from 35 Hz to 2 kHz with an extremely broad directivity pattern. Advanced low-distortion motor design. Crossed first order design over at 2 kHz to avoid beaming.


The high frequency driver is the critically acclaimed original Heil Air Motion Transformer widely recognized as the world’s best midrange tweeter. The Heil diaphragm, made of soft, quiet mylar to reduce background noise, is bonded with conductive aluminum strips. It is the equivalent in surface area to a conventional cone eight inches in surface area. The low mass diaphragm is suspended in a massive magnet structure concentrating an intense magnetic field around the diaphragm. The ESS Heil Air Motion Transformer (AMT) is recognized by the audio industry as the most significant loudspeaker breakthrough of the last half-century. Shinjitsu Audio sources each Heil Transformer directly from ESS with a certificate of authenticity provided. 


The laser cut solid maple back plate is terminated with solid copper heavy duty speaker terminals and a unique attenuation network. The single Crossover inductor is and upgraded Pure Copper Foil with a single Clarity Capacitor for the high frequencies. The attenuation resistors provided allow for infinite adjustment of midrange crossover point and high frequency SPL and employs a unique super high frequency bypass capacitor to compensate for room response and age related high frequency hearing loss. Tailor the highs to your desires.


Versatility in placement allows for tilted back floor standing, stand mounted or shelf mounted placement. Designed for punchy deep bass in any configuration these speakers are tested to energize rooms up to 1000 square feet with a deeper harder hitting deep bass than our Wood Speakers with a bit less efficiency. Perfect small apartments and larger venues as well. They can reach crescendos of live music at 105 dB with just 50 watts of input.


These speakers are designed for medium sensitivity and can operate with as little as 12 watts and are rated to produce up to 105 dB of sound pressure level in an average sized room. Comfortable with chamber music to all out rock and roll these speakers provide a wide gamut of musical tastes.


  • Dimensions: 22 inches height / 17 inches depth / 9.5 inches wide
  • Weight: 55 Lbs.
  • Sensitivity: 85dB to 88 dB depending on high frequency attenuation selected
  • Maximum Power HIVI Bass driver: 50 watts with +/- 3mm Xmax
  • Maximum Power Heil AMT 40 watts
  • Maximum combined SPL 105 watts which is equal to: Very loud rock concert in open air, a car horn from 6 feet, chainsaw or a thunderclap



The most elegant way to enhance bass response is the backloaded horn speaker.

  • Designed to collect the back wave (which in normal speakers is wasted or absorbed) the speaker driver amplifies the bass via a properly designed labyrinth enclosure which exits the horn located on the back of the speaker enclosure. This clever design enhances bass more efficiently and accurately than bass-reflex and sealed enclosure types.
  • Back loaded horn type enclosures make the most efficient use of such back sound waves. Back-loaded horn system enclosures work in such a manner that, as bass comes out of a horn mounted on the back of a driver, the rest of sound spectrum, e.g. mid- and high-frequency ranges, is radiated directly from the driver.
  • Speakers employing back loaded horns are highly efficient by actively utilizing sound output from the bass driver and respond well to the subtlest components of music signals. Improved transient response, speed and effortless sound quality are some of the hallmarks of this type of driver arrangement.


Shinjitsu Audio Carbon Daisho Back Loaded Horn Hybrid Speaker

  • If you desire to return the item within the 14 days is trial, please assure that the item is packaged properly in its original packaging and send only via FEDEX. It must not show any evidence of wear or damage. Items that have been altered or in less than pristine condition will be subject to a repair fee to be determined by Shinjitsu Audio. Buyer pays return shipping and insurance via FEDEX only.

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