Shinjitsu Single Driver back loaded horn speaker


  • All wooden folded horn labyrinth construction with dark walnut accents create a warm and accurate tonality with frequency response from 32 Hz to 20Khz. The Mark Audio Alpair 7 full range driver is crossover-less.
  • Baltic Birch finished in Danish Oil. Exclusive Japanese Folded Horn Design with dual  Copper terminals, Mil Spec silver over copper Teflon wires.
  • Crossover-less minimalist design. Just MIL SPEC silver over copper Teflon wire between your amplifier and speker.
  • 89 Db efficiency which is ideal for low powered tube amplifiers and rugged enough to produce room filling sound using amplifiers of all power ratings.
  • Back loaded horn design is folded from 5.5 FT in length to fit into a compact enclosure only 27 Inches tall.
  • Produces superb imaging and accurate tonality. Room filling sound from a compact enclosure.




The most elegant way to enhance bass response is the backloaded horn speaker.

  • Designed to collect the back wave (which in normal speakers is wasted or absorbed) the speaker driver amplifies the bass via a properly designed labyrinth enclosure which exits the horn located on the back of the speaker enclosure. This clever design enhances bass more efficiently and accurately than bass-reflex and sealed enclosure types.
  • Back loaded horn type enclosures make the most efficient use of such back sound waves. Back-loaded horn system enclosures work in such a manner that, as bass comes out of a horn mounted on the back of a driver, the rest of sound spectrum, e.g. mid- and high-frequency ranges, is radiated directly from the driver.
  • Speakers employing back loaded horns are highly efficient by actively utilizing sound output from the bass driver and respond well to the subtlest components of music signals. Improved transient response, speed and effortless sound quality are some of the hallmarks of this type of driver arrangement.

Shinjitsu Audio Single Driver Full Range Sperker

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