Upgrade your singl driver speaker to Dual Horn Compression Driver for only $799. Includes the following: 


  • FaitalPro Horn Faital Pro STH100 and HF 111 Phenolic Driver on Walnut plinth
  • OR
  • ESS Heil Air Motion Transformer
  • Biamp Dual Binding Post Crossover
  • Mundorf EVO OIL Capacitor and Mills adjustable attenuation Resistor
  • REW Frequency Response Graph included for each speaker



Upgrade to Dual Driver Pair

    • Buyer must return at their cost original speakers in original packing for upgrade.
    • Any repairs to make speaker at or near cosmetic condition will be preauthorized by buyer via quote and invoice from Shinjitsu Audio.
    • Upgrade will take approximatly one week from receipt of speakers and will include all necassary parts and labor.
    • Buyer pays  shipping both ways.