Upgrade to The Hiro

Upgrade to The Hiro


Upgrade to Hiro status. This kit transforms your Itaria or Heil transformer based speaker ino a Hiro. Included are:

  • Hiro Plinth with pre-installed nickel plated mounting brackets. 2 1/2 inch thick solid wood plinth to match your current speakers fron panel wood type.
  • Faital Pro LTH102 cast aluminum large horn
  • Faital Pro HF 10 AK premium compression driver
  • If needed new connector and internal wires (Heil upgrade types only)
  • Audiophile attenuation resistors 
  • Complete illustrated instructions and email support
  • New warrantty for all new parts
  • Return Policy

    30 days return in original condition packed in priginal box. Buyer pays return shipping.

  • Warranty

    Warranty same as original starting from reciept of new products.

Call: +1-480-414-9811