Frequently asked questions

What type of amplifiers do these speakers need?

Any type of amplifier such as transistor, tube or digital will work fine. Eight Watts to > two hundred watts have been tested successfully.

Can I audition these speakers at a dealer?

We currently do not sell to dealers as one of our goals is to keep the prices as low as possible. You may audition our speakers at our virtual audition page:

What if I dont like these speakers - can I return them?

Yes you can return them after a 14 day audition in the original packaging undamaged you pay return shipping.

Do the metal drivers sound metallic or harsh?

The metal cone drivers were chosen to provide detail and a low bass cutoff. Paper or plastic drivers are over-damped and can mask the finer details. We avoid 'ringing' of the metal cone by placing the crossover below the area that ringing occurs thus eliminating it.

How can speakers this small produce deep bass?

The design of the back loaded horn produces deeper bass by adding the woofer rear wave to its front wave. A 4 inch driver becomes an 8 inch effective driver as a result.

Why are these speakers touted as accurate?

Accuracy is accomlished by tonality, dynamics and frequency response that mimics the source. We have chosen cabinets and technology that does just this. A back loaded horn provides all the advantages of light weight and speed with deep bass from the horn rear exit. The compression driver is a very dynamic transducer. These two technologies combine with our tuned crossover provide the most realistic audio reproduction we have encountered.

Why are these better than regular ported speakers or electrostats or planars?

Ported speakers provide a bass 'bump' at the port tuning frequency. Back Loaded horns add the normally wasted back wave to the front wave doubling bass response below 200 Hz. Electrostats are indeed fast but have a narrow listening spot. Compression drivers have a defined listening window due to the horns dispersion with 'pin point imaging'. Planars suffer from the same errors as electrostats and radiate sound in both front and back planes which can cause irregular frequency response and difficult room mplacement.

Why are these speakers so expensive? I can buy speakers for less.

The cabinets alone are CNC machined from authentic Baltic Birch. We do not use veneers or particle board only solid woods. Top notch capacitors, gold plated wire and foil crossover coils are not cheap. You can notice the difference. Most speakers sold at dealerships have a greater that 300% mark-up so the parts inside are generally less expensive / lower grade to make up for the mark-up. We only charge for parts and labor due to our direct sales model.

I'm a "bass Head". Can I get deep room shaking bass fom these speakers?

These speakers produce bass down to 43 Hz. That covers > 95% of most music. To get deeper room shaking bass requires expensive large cabinets and large woofers. Large woofers add cost and are slow by nature. Their cone weight is up to 10 times tha weight of our bronze aluminum bass driver. Bottom line: if you want super deep bass that shakes your room add a subwoofer.

Why do you use "off the shelf drivers" in your designs?

Off the shelf drivers have proven track records that you can research and believe in. They perform accuratly and are actually used in many if not most high end designs. Design and manufacture of custom drivers cost big bucks and the cost gets passed on to you.

Why are these speakers smaller? I like big floor standers!

The speakers were designed to provide dynamics, extended bass and pinpoint imaging in an affordable package. They do well in medium to small venues such as apartments, average sized rooms and intimate settings. Actually, despite their width of 9 inches, they stand 32 inches tall with stands. The horns are at ear height. Versatility in placement is also one of their strengths. You may place them on a bookshelf, on stands or on the floor with a small tiltback of 5 degrees. The attenuation resistor allows for high frequency adjustment as well.