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06-03-2023 at 05:20pm at Audiogon

     I thought I would pop in with an update.  I’ve had the Little Hiro’s since Nov. 22.

     I have at least 300 hrs on these.  They have found a home in my secondary system.  They are being driven by a First Watt F5, an
    Aric Audio Unlimited pre,a Wyred4sound dac1, Blusound Node 2, and an old Onkyo c7030 CD player.  My wife goes to bed
    relatively early,so I do a lot of listening downstairs,where I can be a little more liberal with the volume. I have settled on the one ohm
     resistors for the horns. These work best for my listening space.  I have a pair of old HSU stf 1’s. They aren’t the best,but they work pretty
    well. The crossovers are set at 70hz. I’ve been tinkering for a few months,and again, this works best in my listening space.  These,being
    my first horn tweeter speakers,have truly impressed me. Great detail,and very quick,lively, but not over done.  The soundstage is wide
    and deep. Which I really love. I’ve thought about upgrading the compression tweeter, a recommendation from Morris,the manufacturer.
   At this point,I can’t find anything that is urging me to upgrade.  That’s all I have right now,thanks for reading.




Review of Little Hiro Speakers on Polk Audio Forum:


Steve M Tempe AZ: Hiro 6.5

Discovered about the Hiro 6.5 in an audio forum called Speaker Porn. Well, in every way this is true. First, the Hiros sound fantastic. I'm using a Prima Luna tube amplifier and these speakers sing with it. I am astonished with the amount of bass that is produced. And the horns are equally amazing. Clear. Smooth. Articulate. Delightful to listen to with any music. And with this being my bedroom system; the speakers sound fantastic at low volume levels too. Then the looks - Stunning. We are talking furniture grade in every way. The Hiros compliment my mid-century modern furniture perfectly. Finally, Morris has been terrific. The speakers arrived several days earlier than the expected 30-day timeframe. He emailed several times during the build process so I was always up-to-date. You can tell that he takes pride in what he builds - great website, blog, and videos where you can sample (as best you can) how the speakers look and perform. Thank you Morris and Shinjitsu for crafting an amazing pair of speakers. Bravo.



New user review from Tom regarding new order from Audiogon of Hiro 6.5

Thanks for confirming - my wife says they are her favorite speakers - and we have had Maggie's, Focals, Appogee Acoustics, Acoustats, Klipsch B&W and she loved this in two minutes hearing imaging and a soundstage on well know recordings that she had not heard before.

New update to the reviews below on 

Some quick notes on the Little Hiro.  I love to experience different flavors in audio. These are wonderfully different from what I have in the rotation.  They are fast, really dynamic,and throw a huge soundstage.  Like I said in an earlier post, I feel like I’ve moved up closer to the band.  The music is detailed,but not clinical.  If this is their entry level,there is no way I wouldn’t love any of Shinjitsu’s upstream models.  

New update to initial review dated November 20th, 2022 - 

The more I listen to these,the more I like. I moved these to my main listening room, which is a small,but acoustically treated room. I played some vinyl earlier at higher volumes, peaks at 96db. (Per phone app) I was astonished at how well the Little Hiro handles this. These are fast,dynamic, and effortless. I’m going to continue to wrap my head around them. At some point, I can see myself upgrading to Beyma horns,or even to one your larger models. So far, I am very pleased I took the leap into the unknown!

New Review November 18th, 2022 - Audiogon:

The Little Hiro’s have been moved into my main listening room. I’ve since switched the resisters to .75ohm. These are very

different than anything I’ve owned in the past. These are dynamic,detailed and fun! Not that my other speakers aren’t fun.

(I don’t want the other speakers to get jealous) With the Little Hiro it feels like I’ve moved a couple rows closer to the band.

Imaging and soundstage are absolutely wonderful. Of course, you need decent recordings to start with. This is my first real exposure to compression driver horn speakers.

I didn’t really know what to expect, however,I am definitely pleasantly surprised. I’m know very curious as to the sound of the larger models containing the folded horn cabinets. For an entry level speaker system, color me impressed.

New Review October 18th 2022 - Audiogon buyer Michael G. 

Review of Little Hiro on Audiogon by dealer: 

Interesting is an "UNDERSTATMENT"  ! The Little Hiro puts out more Dynamic renge than ANYTHING in it's Class ,Size, and Price range PERIOD ! I auditioned them 2 months ago, and was Blown Away How tight and Ariy and uncolored they sounded using my McIntosh MA 6300 to power them ! They are a Bargin and blow away Anything in there class ! Remember, You Have to Hear Them to Judge Them ! Well worth every penny at ANY Price ! The SHINJITSU AUDIO SPEAKER IS NOT MAIN STREAM AS OF YET ! BUT THEY WILL BE !


New Review October 14th 2022:  Website buyer - Frank B.

Just a quick word, how much I've enjoyed my Heros! There's not a day that goes by without being amazed at the quality of sound. Having them now a few months, shows off their unique talent. Open, airy and a sense of spaciousness that lends itself to a feeling of live music. I've transitioned with electronics, using my favorite combination of an affordable tube preamp, and a class d dual mono amp. Tubes deliver the warmth, class d extended dynamics and quick clear delivery! Its warm, yet dynamic, the system reveals music texture, tone of instruments is lifelike! What I'm conveying is they are not difficult to drive with surprisingly affordable electronics and are easy to set up. Keep in touch, anything I can do to help, let me know. If your in Atlanta anytime, lets grab a coffee!

New Review:  Audiogon buyer - Kurt W.

…your designs are quite amazing. These should sell, IMO, for @ least 5K, worth twice that.


New Review: Yippie - Youtube

Can't think of another pair of speakers under $700 that sound better than these.

New Review: CPO Durnell - Youtube

These would be a great review for the Cheap Audio Man; there are an amazing speaker at an amazing price!!


New Review: John Simmons - Youtube

Wow, sounds great.


New Review: Audiogon Buyer - masterfuu

Yes got them. They are mighty fine speakers. Pictures don't do them justice.  

It takes two weeks for local carpenter to build the enclosure. And about 20 hours of labor to build rest including tuning and measurements. Customer service has also been great. These speakers have great dynamics. Very accurate and satisfying bass.  High frequency are not bright but sound airy and detailed. These are definitely beautiful and extremely well made speakers with near perfect sound especially music such as jazz blues classical. I can recommend them highly. 


*New addition to this review dated July 24 2022:


Shinjitsu audio flagship speakers. Hand made from quality materials in AZ. Very musical.

New Review: Andy - Georgia USA

Thank you again for your patience and guidance. I had time this weekend to go ahead and

complete the install according to the instructions. I also got some 8-ohm resistors for the back

plate and I am currently listening to them using my 13w tube mono-blocks. I have to say I am

quite happy with the upgrade!!  I apologize if I ask too many questions, but its all part of the

process for me. I mostly listen to Jazz and they are great for this. I wouldn't be able to do this

any time soon but would be curious to explore foundation drivers in the future just to complete

the journey.  

New Review: JG - Singapore

The first impression is 4” drivers with the small enclosure can produce a good low frequency (bass).

I just have 2 days listened with this Hon Hiro speaker, the first day drive with solid state amp and the bass a bit too much (depend of the music) and the second days drive with tube amp is better. So sweet this speaker. Because very short period to enjoy this speaker, but I can say is very good speaker compared to the price. This pair of speakers already send to Singapore and let my friend enjoyed it and feedback the comment is very good result. He drive this speaker with Firstwatt F7 low wattage amp and the performance is very good and previously we are difficult to find the small speaker high efficiency driver and can produce a good low frequency. Have a good design and I hope that your business will grow rapidly.​

TeJay Audio Reviewer - Stereo Times:

These speakers were placed in my upstairs system, if you go to Six Moons website and look in the archives for my review on the Perfect Set speakers there is a picture of the space, which is a type of second floor balcony with no back wall or side wall. The system is setup for near field listening. Yet, the Daisho speaker did very well with both the mid bass and excellent taut and extended bass. I would attribute this to the tuning of its back loaded 5.5 ft. horn loading. If you read my review for the details of what this speaker has to offer and you are intrigued, you might want to take the risk of the 30 day trail period. Also these are small speakers, so you don't have to break your back to audition them. I'll still stick to what I said in my review, you need to get them up at least six inches off the ground to get them to 'sing" regarding their ability to sound-stage and image like a big panel speaker. If you love big electrostatic panels, but have a small acoustic space-a speaker for you! My review on the Shinjitsu Audio Carbon Diasho speaker just went up on the Stereo Times website. As stated in the title of this thread, if you have always loved the sound of big electrostatic panels, but your listening space is small, this speaker will deliver that sonic perspective even though it’s quite minute in size. Beautifully built with an ESS Laboratories AMT and a horn loaded bass driver it does extremely well with both low wattage tube amps, think SET designs, along with sounding excellent with higher-powered Solid-State amplifiers. Take a look at the review for all the details and you might be interested in auditioning this speaker with the comfort that you get a 30-day return policy if is not to your personal taste.


Audioguy 183:

I was initially put back by the small size of these little gems. I thought how could they make good bass from such a small 4 inch driver? Well to tell ya the horn thing really works! Also was unsure about the compressor but its smooth and has real good imaging. The only gripe is that the stand should be included in the price as I had to buy a 14-inch stand and that was not easy.


Audiogon Review:

Excellent seller and an even better speaker builder. i couldn’t be more satisfied with buying process and the product. i give the highest recommendation possible.


Arizona Audio Video Club:

We had our final meeting of 2020 on December 2nd with Morris Emerick of Shinjitsu Audio demoing a pair of his unique speakers. They are a folded horn design marrying a Mark Audio Alpair mid-woofer to an ESS ATM tweeter. These compact speakers packed quite a punch with surprising bass performance in our large room. The ATM tweeter provided great air and sparkle in the top end and the speakers produced a convincing holographic image. I was quite impressed by what Morris has accomplished in a condensed package. For more information, check out the Shinjitsu Audio webpage.


David P:

I’ve been searching for a speaker with a specific sound, style and build quality. after many years and dozens of speakers, my search is over. The craftsmanship, design and overall tonality are outstanding. They fill the spectrum of sound beautifully, even at low volume. Just a crystalline, dimensional, lush sound. Simply put, these speakers are awesome.


Terry London - Stereo Times:

Here’s, my conclusion regarding the Shinjitsu Audio Carbon Daisho speaker. It is an extremely well-built design using excellent internal parts, first-rate transducers and uses a very innovative back loaded horn approach to produce a great base foundation to the music in a very small cabinet. It offers an easy load that can be driven by low watt tube or solid-state amplifiers. As I shared in the review, to get it to its ultimate level of performance you need to place it on a riser about six inches off the ground. I would recommend that Mr. Emerick consider changing the height of the plinth or include a riser to address this one concern. I believe that if you have a small acoustic space and have always loved big electrostatic panels for their box-less spatial quality, see-through transparency, transient speed, micro-details, and purity in overall tonality, the Carbon Daisho speaker would be a great match for your system and listening environment.

Big panels do not do well in smaller acoustic spaces. However, this speaker does perform at a very high level, just like a planer in a large acoustic space. So, if you always dreamed about owning one of those large panel designs and just don’t have the room, I suggest you audition a pair of Carbon Daisho speakers. A great safety net for you is that Shinjitsu Audio has a 30-day return policy, if for any reason you are not satisfied.


Amanda A: 

My husband has been researching these items for a month now. He has hesitated to buy as the economy is poor in my area (Virginia) but he is my love and I bought the wood solo speakers. Needless to say he loves them! Happy husband happy home!


Jacob A:

I was looking for a new type of speaker as I have owned Martin Logans, Quads, Polk Audio and LFT8B. I have been interested in trying back loaded horns. I found these listed on Audiogon and went to the website here for further questions. Mr Morris was very helpful in assisting me with questions as it is hard to know what a speaker sounds like without audition. I I had hoped these speakers sound like an electrostat with a more precise sound stage. Wide sound stage and wall to wall wide. Placement in my 30x20 foot room is 3 feet from back wall to sound best. Powered with pair of tube amplifiers 30 watts each and are plenty loud for casual listening. Company is very response to my questions. 5 Stars 

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