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Completion and Shipping

At Shinjitsu Audio, we take immense pride in the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into creating each of our handcrafted audio masterpieces. We understand that anticipation and excitement are an integral part of the experience when investing in our high-end speakers, and we'd like to take this opportunity to explain the process behind the 30-day waiting period and how you will receive status updates throughout the build and testing process.


Our journey begins by hand-selecting the finest exotic woods from our local supplier, Wood Crafters Source, of which we are an exclusive club member. These premium woods are then precisely cut using a CNC machine at Heather and Fred Studios, a renowned global source of fine woods and plastics custom machining.


Following this, our artisans hand glue and sand the speaker cabinets, ensuring a seamless finish that showcases the beauty of the wood. We then source the latest components from our global suppliers, including Germany-based Mundorf, Italian B&C, USA Speakers, Parts Express, Madisound, and Sonic Craft. For our wiring, we use military-grade materials provided by trusted military suppliers, and our main drivers come from industry leaders such as Mark Audio and Swans.


Once assembled, the speakers undergo rigorous testing for frequency response, distortion, and spectral integrity. Next, they are taken to our Listening Lab, where popular music is played through a state-of-the-art 10K vinyl rig to ensure tonal accuracy. After this, we capture photos of your new speakers.


Throughout the entire build and testing process, we will provide you with regular status updates, ensuring you stay informed and engaged every step of the way. These updates will include photos, videos, and detailed information about the progress of your bespoke Shinjitsu Audio speakers.


Please keep in mind that each speaker is crafted to order, with options for customization such as parts, finish, color of main drivers, and choice of compression driver. Upon completion, we carefully package the speakers using construction-quality foam, double-walled stiffened cardboard shipping boxes, and protective materials to ensure moisture integrity and the safety of the fine woods during transit.


We believe that the 30-day waiting period is an essential part of delivering the ultimate audio experience, allowing us to craft your bespoke Shinjitsu Audio speakers with precision and care. By offering our exclusive pre-order system and incentives, we hope to make this waiting period an enjoyable and rewarding part of your journey towards truly immersive and unparalleled audio.

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