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After many requests, we have posted videos of our speakers on this page for your viewing. They are available on YouTube as well is you should desire to share them. 

Recording conditions

Audio is 24/96 bit sampling frequency (HI Rez quality) uploaded to YouTube.

Recording chain: Technics SP25 direct drive turntable with custom plinth with an AudioTechnica AT 150 MLX cartridge mounted on an ebony head shell with silver-plated OFC connectors on a Jelco SA750D tonearm. The phono stage is the Audio Research PH7 and is recorded via a stereo pair of calibrated EMM-6 Electret Measurement Microphones into a Tascam UH7000 High-resolution ADC at 24/96 high resolution. No editing of the audio is done.

Amplifiers are: pair of Yaqin MC13S 30-watt tube amplifiers.

 The test room is carpeted and is 24 X 14 ( 336 sf). No manipulation of the sound files is done 


Hiro 6.5 Video

Youtube video of

Hiro 6.5 speakers


Little Super Hiro 360

Youtube video of our Little Super Hiro's playing Fleetwood Mac Rumors


Adaptive Horns

Youtube video of our  Adaptive Horn Technology. 


Youtube video of

Super Hiro Speakers


Tour of Listening Lab

Youtube video of our  Listening Lab 

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