Technology and Design

Original Horn Design from Japan - Made in the USA

Vision and business idea

Our Vision is “To create a cost effective audiophile experience for those seeking exquisite sound quality and appearance."
Our business goal is “to offer a unique,  proven design that is functional in the average home at prices that are affordable.”  We keep costs low by a factory direct model:  avoiding middle men and producing and sourcing our components in domestically to keep prices low. 

History and design idea 
Our product designer Morris Emerick served with the United States Air force as an Aircraft Weapons Specialist who worked with sensitive electronics systems and composite materials. Design and development of the Shinjitsu Audio speaker was a collaboration between Morris and a renowned Japanese audio engineer who assisted with the back loaded horn concept. Design and manufacturing is located in Arizona USA and begins with selected Baltic Birch  from Woodworkers Source then to our CNC machinists: "Heather and Fred Studios" . Final assembly and testing is done in our Arizona facility.

Performance goals 
"To produce extended frequency response, realistic dynamics and accurate tonal response in a conservative sized cabinet."
To realize these goals we searched for solutions and found that conventional designs fell short. Sealed cabinets have limited bass in smaller cabinets and and ported designs require larger boxes to attain acceptable bass response. Transmission line speakers have one major drawback, they are typically LESS efficient than a sealed design and require more power to drive. This affects dynamics. Open baffle speakers need an extremely large baffle for adequate low frequencies due to the cancellation effect. Only one type of speaker design thus will suffice to meet all out criteria: A back loaded horn.  A unique cabinet design that virtually doubles the speaker cone area. The low frequency drivers back wave enhances the front wave thus doubling bass response below the tuning area (usually < 200 Hz). The back wave is tuned by the horn length to be exactly in phase with the front wave for a doubling of bass. A back loaded horn has increased dynamics and is typically much cleaner with better attack, definition and less ringing. Back loaded horns have a unique sound not found in any other type of speaker.


High frequency driver goals 
In consideration of our overall design goals one type of high frequency driver stood out: A compression driver and horn.   Domed tweeters and ribbon tweeters have several drawbacks unsuitable to our design goals:  Domes are less efficient, have uncontrolled dispersion and are less dynamic that horns. Ribbon tweeters suffer the same ills as dome tweeters.  Compression horn tweeters enjoy excellent dynamics and quick transient response which can give music, especially jazz, a highly realistic, live sound. Horns are also able to play louder without distorting. Our horns are Italian made FaitalPro STH100 in precision cast aluminum. Designed with even dispersion and minimum reflections thus producing an uncolored sound quality.  The compression drivers are either JBL T220I:  "A High quality compression driver with dome diaphragm in pure titanium, offering high efficiency and low distortion over the medium and high frequencies band. " or the FaitalPro HF111 "a driver with a very smooth and extended response at higher frequencies, with a controlled tone, from soft, tending to sweet".

Low frequency driver goals  

Our modified Swan Bronze/Aluminum low frequency driver is designed to reproduce accurate audio from 40 Hz to 2 kHz. Once received from our USA source it is further modified with a precision proprietary polymer coating to damp and reduce cone ringing and lower the FS to match the back loaded horn specs. We then cross it over to the high frequency array at approximately 2 kHz to avoid beaming. The high frequency ringing of the typical metal cone is avoided with this crossover point.  Wide dispersion is achieved along with a very flat and extended frequency response as the driver is operated in its ideal frequency range.


Enclosure / cabinetry goals  
Our proprietary back loaded horn cabinets are designed to produce low frequencies down to 40 Hz and may go as low as 30 Hz in typical listening rooms. Our back loaded horn is unique in that it was sourced from proven mathematical formulas from Japan. Additionally the labyrinth behind the driver has sharp turns and compression areas to further increase dynamics. All laminations are precision CNC machined to within 1 mm tolerance glued and stack constructed with steel pin guides using 50 square feet of 18 mm Russian Baltic Birch. The front panels are solid 1/8 inch hardwoods. No veneer is used.

Fun factor goals  
Shinjitsu Audio is a recent addition to the audiophile scene. We realize that its is a difficult decision to select a speaker or any audio component without hearing it first hand. With that said we have included a Virtual Audition page so that you may audition our speakers in your home safely. Additionally we keep our costs, and your purchase price, down by avoiding the middle man markup of 50%. As stated above, our overall goal is to offer exceptional looking and sounding speakers at an affordable price. We offer a 15 day trial period with a no questions asked return policy. To date no returns have been received by us.



Last but not least, horn speakers make attractive conversation pieces!

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