How we started


Shinjitsu Audio was founded in 2005 by a consortium of artisans and audio designers. Dissatisfied with ridiculously priced "audiophile products" Our goal is to provide unique, affordable high performance solutions based on

sound scientific principles. 

Why Shinjitsu Audio?


We offer a 15-day money back guarantee on all of our products. Exceptional Support . Our in house support staff are available all the time to assist you. Quality and Affordable

Highest quality components sold directly to you for cost savings.

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Arizona Audio Video Club
Arizona Audio Video Club


Terry London - Stereo Times:

Here’s, my conclusion regarding the Shinjitsu Audio Carbon Daisho speaker. It is an extremely well-built design using excellent internal parts, first-rate transducers and uses a very innovative back loaded horn approach to produce a great base foundation to the music in a very small cabinet.

Amanda A:

My husband has been researching these items for a month now. He has hesitated to buy as the economy is poor in my area (Virginia) but he is my love and I bought the wood solo speakers. Needless to say he loves them! Happy husband happy home!

Jacob A

I was looking for a new type of speaker as I have owned Martin Logans, Quads, Polk Audio and LFT8B. I have been interested in trying back loaded horns. I found these listed on Audiogon and went to the website here for further questions. Mr Morris was very helpful in assisting me with questions as it is hard to know what a speaker sounds like without audition.

Shinjitsu Audio customer photos

David P.

These sound just perfect to my ears! Crystalline highs and perfect lows - I don't use a subwoofer with them. 

Paul Righello / President - Arizona Audio Video Club

"We had our final meeting of 2020 on December 2nd with Morris Emerick of Shinjitsu Audio demoing a pair of his unique speakers. They are a folded horn design marrying a Mark Audio Alpair mid-woofer to an ESS AMT  -   HEIL  tweeter. These compact speakers packed quite a punch with surprising bass performance in our large room. The AMT - HEIL tweeter provided great air and sparkle in the top end and the speakers produced a convincing holographic image. I was quite impressed by what Morris has accomplished in a condensed package."