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At Shinjitsu Audio, we embarked on a design journey - to design a speaker that delivers exceptional dynamics, accurate tonality, AND deep articulate bass - in a conservative-sized cabinet.  

This was an ambitious goal. Many designers have tried exotic materials and pseudo-scientific theories to deliver only to end up with compromised performance issues.


We searched the available literature and discovered that the solution had been solved - separately- yet not yet effectively combined in one coherent package. 

Two audio principles from the early 1900s were developed to overcome two individual obstacles: How to produce adequate volume with low-watt amplifiers and how to produce low bass from a small cabinet.


The problems were solved in 1933 by Bell Labs (compression horns) and in 1951 by JBL (backloaded horns).

Shinjitsu Audio has placed these together, in a mid-sized cabinet. A unique combination of horn types - A backloaded horn covers 8 octaves from low bass to upper midrange which hands off seamlessly to a compression horn to complete the last 2 octaves.

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