Unique designs based on timeless principles

At Shinjitsu Audio, quality materials and high standards of handcrafting create a unique artisanal audio experience. Our sonic philosophy is that music is a form of emotional connectiveness and should be presented as the artist intended - true to the recording. Unique luxury design is our crafting mission and exceptionally accurate sound reproduction is our audio goal. Reimagine your music and hear the detail, nuances, and emotion inherent in the recording like never before. Our speakers are crafted with attention to detail, as precision musical instruments, not mass produced by OEM factories. No matter what your audio needs are, we offer a tailor-made audio product that is designed to reproduce recordings as they were intended, with life like realism and dynamics.


Our customers love working with us because we produce high quality products with an exceptionally

detailed natural sound - true to the source. Reach out today to get an initial custom audio consultation. 

We can start working together to meet your individualized aesthetic and audio goals.