Listening room quality in small or large spaces .

On floor, stand or shelf these back loaded horn hybrids deliver

startling dynamics with a big speaker sound in a small speaker footprint.

I’ve been searching for a speaker with a specific sound, style and build quality. after many years and dozens of speakers, my search is over. The craftsmanship, design and overall tonality are outstanding. They fill the spectrum of sound beautifully, even at low volume. Just a crystalline, dimensional, lush sound. Simply put, these speakers are awesome

Reviewer: David P -

"There is absolutely something to the back loaded horn design that is inherently right in a musical sense. The details that come out of the horn mouth add not only bass and body to the music but dynamics and huge amounts of detail. Not only micro details of instruments and vocals but spatial details of the venues."

Reviewer: Scott Faller - TNT USA

"We had our final meeting of 2020 on December 2nd with Morris Emerick of Shinjitsu Audio demoing a pair of his unique speakers. They are a folded horn design marrying a Mark Audio Alpair mid-woofer to an ESS AMT  -   HEIL  tweeter. These compact speakers packed quite a punch with surprising bass performance in our large room. The AMT - HEIL tweeter provided great air and sparkle in the top end and the speakers produced a convincing holographic image. I was quite impressed by what Morris has accomplished in a condensed package."                 

      Paul Righello / President - Arizona Audio Video Club

Here’s, my conclusion regarding the Shinjitsu Audio Carbon Daisho speaker. It is an extremely well-built design using excellent internal parts, first-rate transducers and uses a very innovative back loaded horn approach to produce a great base foundation to the music in a very small cabinet. It offers an easy load that can be driven by low watt tube or solid-state amplifiers. 10 Points!

      Terry London - Stereo Times review 2020


Supreme Audio Quality

Mark Audio Full Range Drivers

Supreme Audio Quality

HiVi Research  Full Range Drivers

Heil Transformer Enhanced

Effortless highs that "Sound As Clear As Light "

Rigid Construction

Baltic Birch laminated labyrinth

Audiophile First Order

Phase Alligned Crossover

Made in the United States

True value & affordability / robust design

35Hz to 20kHz + or - 3dB

Frequency Response

H 22 inches / W 13 inches / D 19 inches

Weight 45 Lbs per speaker


97.3 dB and  105 dB

Maximum SPL at 8 watts and 50 watts

40 Watts or more depending on selected attenuation resistor

Maximum Rated Power Heil AMT

87 dB to 90 dB on selected attenuation resistor


Tested at 8 watts to 200 watts

Recommended Ampifier Power

HIVI Bass Driver 50 watts

Mark Audio Bass Driver 15 watts

Maximum Rated Power Bass Drivers


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