"A formally harmonious product needs no decoration; it should be elevated through pure form."

                                 Ferdinand Porsche

"There is absolutely something to the back loaded horn design that is inherently right in a musical sense. The details that come out of the horn mouth add not only bass and body to the music but dynamics and huge amounts of detail. Not only micro details of instruments and vocals but spatial details of the venues."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Reviewer: Scott Faller - TNT USA

Heading 1


Rigid Construction

Baltic Birch laminated labyrinth

Supreme Audio Quality

Worlds Finest Full Range Drivers

Heil Transformer Enhanced

Effortless highs that "Sound As Clear As Light "

Made in the United States

True value & affordability / robust design

Easily Affordable

Don't be boxed in by ridiculous pricing

Audio Approved Materials

Carbon fiber / Aluminized fiberglass


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