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Revitalizing Horn Tweeters: A New Perspective forAudiophiles

Traditionally, audiophiles leaned towards dome and ribbon tweeters for high-frequency reproduction. However, the often-dismissed horn-loaded compression driver has undergone a modern renaissance, showcasing unique advantages. Precision horn tweeters, when well-designed, offer lightning-fast transient response, remarkable dynamic range, high sensitivity, and controlled directivity. The piston-like movement of the diaphragm and graduated impedance matching minimize distortion, providing superb acoustic energy transfer. Subjectively, horn tweeters reveal nuances and textures, enhancing dynamic and nuanced recordings. Today's precision manufacturing allows for overcoming past limitations, making horn tweeters a compelling choice for those seeking accuracy and emotional engagement in recreating live music at home.

Why a horn on top of a "full range woofer?"

Our unique and innovative design decision to pair a full-range driver with a horn driver from 2 kHz and above is based on the need to address the practical limitations of the full-range driver at higher frequencies while leveraging the strengths of the horn driver. This approach ultimately results in a speaker system that achieves a more balanced, controlled, and faithful reproduction of audio across the entire frequency spectrum.

Little Hiro Black

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Little Hiro Black

Little Hiro Black

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