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Your room, your setup, their speakers

We all know how frustrating it is to purchase someone else's design and try to integrate it to your room electronics and tastes. Basically its a crap shoot. Back in the golden days of audio one could go to a "audio salon" and hear many of the electronics and popular speakers at the time. Well represented usually were Quad's, Tannoy, AR, Bose and JBL amongst others. Tubes and transistors were available as well. CD players, cassette and vinyl were the default music players of the era. You could mix and match via "switch boxes" and simulate the match you desired.

Unfortunately those golden days are pretty much over. Gone are most HI-FI shops and what survives are mostly big box stores with cookie cutter speakers from OEM makers in china.

Shopping online is frustrating as well. How does one audition these items? Are you to order and return in an endless search for "audio that fits? I suggest you listen to those audio products the only real way you can: online! Now yes I understand that this is inherently flawed. Products auditioned online via your headphones or computer speakers clouds the "audio air" so to speak. It must by design color the sound. But I must defer to the ability to compare the speakers and audio electronics via the virtual environment. If a speaker or audio product sounds clouded, distorted or just plain crummy and another sounds fine via your setup, at home surely this is some gauge of its quality?

Here is an article regarding virtual musical auditions:

There Are Benefits to Live Virtual Auditions

Another option is live virtual auditions. In this case, students connect through Skype or Zoom and have one chance to perform their given piece. The director or teacher can ask questions and give the performer feedback. “Barring any technological mishaps (connectivity issues, server crashes, etc.) the live virtual audition scenario could be a good way for each singer to connect with the Artistic Director and check in with their vocal progress,” says Kenny Litvack, vocal coach and chorus management specialist at Chorus Connection. While many have complained about the audio quality of platforms like Zoom, you can at least get an idea of a performer’s range and abilities.

The bottom line: We have provided a page that allows comparisons of our speakers recorded with the same audio files an same settings, electronics and location:

Is it helpful to hear speakers online?

  • Yes it helps but its not perfect

  • No because its not accurate

  • Better than nothing I guess

  • Flawed concept

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