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Introducing the Hiro 6.5 demo at $1000 off retail

Our Biggest Sound - Highest Sensitivity Speaker

Commanding Sound


Looking for a larger, high-sensitivity speaker that delivers a commanding sound experience? The Hiro 6.5 is it. Our largest and most sensitive speaker is designed to elevate your audio journey.

Remarkable Driver

At the core is the extraordinary Mark Audio CHR 120, a 6.5-inch main driver that enables an astounding 20Hz to 2Khz (-3dB) frequency response within a vented 2 cubic foot cabinet.

Impressive Sensitivity

Boasting 93 dB sensitivity (up 3dB due to vent), the Hiro 6.5 plays louder with fewer watts. Experience larger soundstages than ever before.

Optimized Horn

Our B&C DE250 compression horn is perfectly tuned and matched to the higher sensitivity, ensuring louder performance from fewer watts.

Compatible With All Amps

Producing 93 dB with just 1 watt, the Hiro 6.5 works with amplifiers as low as 3 watts. Fill any room with rich, powerful audio.

Tunable Performance