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Introducing the Horn 2

Our add-on horn module allows you to effortlessly transform your existing speaker cabinets or disabled tweeter speakers into high-quality horn speakers.

Experience a whole new level of audiophile sound staging, clarity, and dynamics with this cost-effective solution.

Designed to complement any properly configured bass cabinet with a crossover frequency above 1500 Hz, the Horn 2 module is incredibly user-friendly.

Simply add this fully configurable module to your appropriately sized cabinet and adjust the supplied resistor and capacitor settings to achieve your desired roll-in frequency and efficiency, perfectly matching your bass module.

Adjust Crossover and Sensitivity

For your convenience, we provide a frequency response chart, allowing you to fine-tune the crossover and sensitivity adjustments through the resistor network.

Customize the Sound

The choice of low-frequency cabinets and drivers is entirely up to you, but upon request, we can offer suggested cabinet types and drivers that have proven to work seamlessly with our horns.

You have the freedom to choose the brands and values of the resistors and capacitors, tailoring the sound to your preferences.

Seamless Integration

With resistor options ranging from 2 Ohms to 0.25 Ohms, you can achieve a wide range of horn attenuation, varying from running wide open at 107dB to approximately 77 dB. This flexibility enables successful integration with various woofers and midranges.

Included Components

We supply the Horn 2 module with the acclaimed B&C DE 250 compression driver coupled with the B&C Me45 1" cast aluminum horn. However, in case of limited supplies or availability, we may offer substitutes, which we will inform you of prior to your order.

Upgrades Available


Additionally, we offer upgrades, allowing you to choose any available 1-inch compatible compression driver in the desired bolt-on format (2-bolt/3-bolt), as well as capacitors and resistors from your preferred brands.

Expert Guidance

We offer support via chat messaging or email through our website to assist you throughout the process.

Horn 2 (Pair)

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