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We’re Innovating



The inovative concept that drives our speakers

Shinjitsu Audio has uniquely integrated a true Dual Horn speaker that utilizes a compression driver and tractrix horn paired with a back-loaded horn cabinet.


The compression driver amplifies micro dynamics and minimizes reflection from side walls via its constant directivity horn thus creating a wall-to-wall focused audio image of the original performance.


Dome tweeters or strips of aluminum cannot compete with the sheer dynamics of a professional horn system.


The wide-range main driver covers over 8 octaves and is placed into a backloaded horn cabinet designed to reproduce low bass to upper midrange. Its 4-inch size is maximized to improve transient response, eliminate beaming and deliver bass down to 34 Hz via its backloaded horn cabinet.

Larger drivers give up dynamics and image focus due to their up to 10 X heavier mass. 



Match Making

Cabinets, speaker drivers, and crossovers are the essential elements of our speaker design. Compression drivers and backloaded horns have radical and unique diffraction patterns and sensitivities.  Our horns are operated at a conservative 75% power to integrate with the main driver. They do not overpower nor honk, shriek, or become fatiguing.

Our crossovers are designed with a minimum of audiophile components to reduce distortion inherent in all audio components. They are carefully chosen to seamlessly blend the drivers and provide a near single-point source. This insures proper audio imaging as designed into the recording space by the engineers.

All of our completed speakers, no matter the price, are fully tested using REW software, and calibrated microphones and are then individually auditioned in simulated home conditions. We send you photos and individual audio graphs before shipment. Each is calibrated to a flat in-room frequency response as measured and a set of resistors that you may attune to your room response.



Same technology across all sizes

Our speakers are sized to accommodate all room types and dimensions - from small apartments to medium-sized listening rooms. From the bookshelf-sized Little Hiro through the Hiro and on to our new Super Hiro, all our speakers deliver the same sonic signature: dynamic well balanced sound, pinpoint imaging, and natural tones.

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