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Frequently asked questions

Is your product returnable?

You may return the product within 30 days from the order date. It must be in like new condition with all original packaging undamadged. Please email us for a return authorization. Buyer pays postage and insurence.

How long will my product take to get here?

depending on stock on hand we ship within 3 days. If the product requires manufacturing it mat take uop to 2 weeks to manufacture and ship. We will email you as to the ship date.

Is there a warranty on you products?

All products are warrented for manufacturer defects for 1 year from purchase. Many issues can be fixed in the field with easy to replace parts. Buyer pays postage and insurance.

What is the wattage rating for your speakers?

Our Fostex/Heil Transformer speakers can be used successfully with amplifiers of as little as 5 watts. They are rated to a maximum sustained 30 watts for the Fostex drivers and the Great Heil Transformer to 130 watts maximum sustained power. At 30 watts power you will be driven from the room as this is extremely loud around 103 DB which equates to the sound pressure of a subway station as the train arrives.

Can I use a solid state or tube amplifier with your speakers?

The speakers have been tested with a 13 watt single ended KT88 amplifier, 30 watt EL 34 push pull amplifier and an Adcom 100 watt solid state amplifier successfully. All played loud and clear with no discernable compresion or strain.

How do your speakers Sound? I cant hear them on the internet...

Thats a great question. We have 'tuned' our speakers using vinyl and CD sources from rock music to classical and jazz. The tone and clarity is akin to some of the best headphones in that it is clear, concise and balanced. The headphones we used to tune the speakers are Beyer Dynamic DT 707, AKG 240 Studio, Audio-Technica ATH-M50x and Stax Lambda Electrostats. Of course they all sounded differently yet the tonality and clarity was much the same as the speakers. We strove to obtain a balanced sound that can be easily tuned to your desire using the supplied attenyuation resistors.

Do I have to Bi-Amp the speakers?

No you do not. Just connect the supplied jumpers to the low frequency and high frequency binding posts and plug the speakers in to either set of positive and negative jacks.


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